Ever Wish You Could Remove the Background of an Image?

Photo editing tools

Photo editing tools

I have messed and messed with Photoshop over the years and can get a few things done though not quickly, and certainly not easily.

When I found this little gem, Clipping Magic, I heard a choir of angels singing 😉

You don’t have to even create an account on Clipping Magic, you can just jump on the website and get started.

Warning* it is in beta and I have no idea if it will become a paid platform or if a version of it will remain free of charge but, for today, it’s free.

There’s a short video below that walks you through the process.  Here’s the image – before and after – that I was working with:

cabin camping      cabin image after clipping magic

Actually, I couldn’t find the original clipped image so I ran it through again and this is what we have now.  See?  You know how frustrating it can be when a project is moving along when all of a sudden the brakes lock down and you’re stuck messing with one little thing that ends up taking hours.  If it’s removing a background from an image – you are golden.

You can find more tutorial videos on my Youtube channel or check out my favorite Facebook page analyzer tool.  Let me know how you’re doing or if there is anything in particular you’d like me to cover.  I’ll be happy to.

Author: Tracie

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