Video Tutorials

Here I will be providing links to
campground marketing video tutorials.
We will cover tools, shortcuts, and just about anything
I find that you can put to use in your park.

Canva is a fantastic little platform for creating all types of marketing materials.  Much of what needs to be done in a campground needs to be done now.  This tool is free unless you use their images.  They will charge $1 apiece for their images but, so far, I have never had to use them.  With all the photos you have on hand I am sure the same will hold true for you.


LikeAlyzer will give you a good idea of how your Facebook page is doing along with suggestions for improving it.  The changes can happen rapidly and you can gain new followers because of it. Facebook likes a well optimized page, just as the search engines do, and will reward you accordingly by placing you in front of people who share your interest.


MicrositeMasters is my favorite tool for tracking keyword rankings in Google, Yahoo, and Bing.  There is a free level (up to 10 keyword phrases) which is perfect for campgrounds.  You can choose the ten most relevant phrases you’d like to rank for and pop them into MicrositeMasters.  It updates each day and is generally as accurate as any other tools I’ve tried.


Clipping Magic is so fast and  so easy you are going to fall in love with it.  This tool allows you to completely get rid of the background in any image.  It honestly takes minutes to do and you’re quickly on your way to finishing what ever project is being held up for image editing.


You’re always looking for ways to provide trendy new things to your campers and to make ancillary income.  TeeSpring can provide both goals.  This is video #1 of 3 in the series.  I show you how to sign up, design your shirts, set the price, set the days the campaign will run, and create the web address you’ll email to your groups.


TeeSpring video #2 of 3 goes through the process of adjusting your campaign.  In this instance I didn’t think the campaign was going to tip so I wanted to reduce it.  I show you how to do this and talk about timing.


For Teespring video #3 of 3 we go over how the campaigns ends and submitting your request for pay out.